"Pierre & Lescure", According to his good pleasure

A Kenwood ham slicer, new, still in its box, a cigar box full of Cohiba, a Jiminy Cricket… Listening to Pierre Lescure rediscover some of these objects, at random, in the 450 cases stored in a garage, would convince you that there is nothing better as an anti-aging vaccine.And then “I am not bothering anyone…”.And the dozens of vintage and intact matchbooks in front of which he is ecstatic? “The day I go, we light up the cremation with that,” he said, hilariously.

A living synthesis of seriousness and entertainment

The portrait of the former boss of Canal +, president of the Cannes Film Festival, every evening at "C à vous" (France 5), is by no means exhaustive but it is joyful.His endless collections have earned Lescure financial worries - “I wasn't serious enough, I couldn't resist.” In a Los Angeles boutique, the must-have in Art Deco, “I could buy for $ 21,000.I didn't.every week but I could do it… once a month ”.His widely dispersed interests also explain - in part - the identity of Canal.This channel, steeped in pop culture, he imagined it from a page He was 38 years old and trusted by André Rousselet, the founder, who had given him the keys to the programs, absolute freedom and the time to experiment.

Having a love for artists without being one himself, he used the financial leverage at his disposal to “try to be a particle accelerator, a smuggler, an initiator.” His role in the French cultural ecosystem would be a subject in itself.At Canal, he also pulverized the separation which he considered artificial between information and program.It must be said that he is himself the living synthesis of seriousness and entertainment.he information and writing comes from his father, a journalist at “Huma”, and his grandfather, co-founder of Editions de Minuit.The other branch of his family passed on his passion for music to him.where he grew up, the grandmother listened to French song, the grandfather to lyric, the mother to classical, uncle to jazz.Why choose?

Posted Date: 2021-01-07

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